Ten years of Grand Lodge of Bohemia

This year we are remembering the tenth anniversary of the founding of our obedience – Grand Lodge of Bohemia. I am delighted to inform our Brothers about our obedience via a short article.
At the very beginning there was a group of brothers from lodges working under the jurisdiction of Grand Lodge of France (GLdF), who were mostly medical doctors by profession and visited former Czechoslovakia for profane reasons. Nevertheless, when talking to their Czech partners, they mentioned freemasonry. In the course of time, a group of seven Czech men who used to meet Brothers from GLdF in Prague was created.
At the beginning of 1991, these men decided to become Freemasons and establish a lodge under the jurisdiction of GldF. In June 1991, these magnificent seven men accepted an invitation to an initiation in Paris and so the foundation of L: Tolerance was laid. In 2001, the lodge Templum Sapientiae was founded in Brno and a year later second Prague lodge 7M was opened. All lodges were established under the jurisdiction of Grand Lodge of France and immediately after the formation of the third lodge, an obedience called Grand Lodge of Bohemia was installed. In September 28th 2011, the Light was brought into the third Prague lodge named Nautilus, the fourth lodge in the obedience. In April 13th -14th 2012, ceremonial works marked the 10th anniversary of the founding of Grand Lodge of Bohemia with international presence.
Grand Lodge of Bohemia is an independent masonic obedience, which initiates only men and works for the glory of Grand Architect of Universe. Three Great Lights of Freemasonry must be put on display during ritual works. Discussions primarily regarding politics or religion are prohibited. Any contacts with female or mixed subjects in the form of participating in ritual works are strictly prohibited.
Our lodges work solely in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, as usual for obediences created from Grand Lodge of France. We keep fraternal relationships with Grand Lodges from Europe, Asia, Africa and South America which are accepted by GLdF.
For the last 10 years Brothers of our Lodge have done a lot of nice and useful work on their stone, but also experienced moments which did not fill our hearts with joy, as it is usual in life. We are walking on the way we have chosen with confidence but also humbleness, with courage but also caution.
Grand Lodge of Bohemia holds by its identity specified mainly by keeping regular principles, unity of Rite and loyalty for Brothers from allied obediences. At the same time we approach Brothers who work in other masonic bodies with respect and friendship.

Michal B., Grand Master of Grand Lodge of Bohemia, 18.4.6012